eCompendium Project

Flotta Oil Handling Terminal

The Environmental Determinants of Flotta's Infrastructure

On 12 – 16 January, 2015 the ICOE team visited Flotta Oil Terminal, Orkney to gather data on the current infrastructural condition and the challenges faced by the Terminal. The Flotta mission was led by WJ Cairns, former leader of Flotta Terminal’s original design and planning team, and was supported by James Leitch, former head of HSE on the Terminal, and two senior ICOE research associates. Information gathered at the Terminal is being assessed against the original innovative planning and design concepts, methodologies and environmental statement to evaluate Flotta Oil Handling Terminal and whether its unique balance of functional, environmental and aesthetic determinants remain valid. The lessons learned and their applications are currently being compiled into a case study report for Talisman Sinopec Energy UK, the terminal operators.