Our Supporters

Rt Hon Charles Hendry MP

Former Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change

“I fully support this not-for-profit initiative by ICOE to bring the great understanding and experience of the industry into a foundational handbook for use by operators, regulators, and students. Spreading knowledge and good practice is a critical part of ensuring that the industry works safely and without harm to the environment.”

Paul Wheelhouse, MSP, MA, MBA

Minister for Business,
Innovation and Energy, Scottish Government


Holistic Approach

"I am pleased to have the opportunity of supporting this ambitious project by ICOE, which seeks to harness the knowledge and expertise built up by the North Sea industry. From my very first visit to Aberdeen following my appointment, I have been impressed with the focus of employers on health and safety, but we must never be complacent. This is a handbook that is being created by the industry for the industry. It will provide a comprehensive evidence base to ensure that efforts to tackle inefficiencies and change behaviours all draw on best practice experience for environmental health and safety.  This project has the opportunity to capture a wealth of knowledge, which will be of significant value to the industry going forward, and I am pleased that the Scottish Government has been able to provide financial support to this important project."

Best Practice

Lord Cullen of Whitekirk


Chairman, Piper Alpha Inquiry

“The distinctive challenge which has been taken up by the ICOE is, to bring together, assess and organise information as to best practice from a considerable number of disparate sources, along with a statement of general principles, for the benefit of health, safety and the environment. This is a significant initiative, especially in times when the industry is faced with operating in extreme conditions and dealing with maturing fields and ageing installations. The activities of operators and regulators, and the training of much-needed personnel will stand to gain from the provision by the ICOE of comprehensive and up to date information on best practice.”



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