ICOE eCompendium Project

Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

Environmental, Health and Safety Performance Management


  • Make a unique holistic contribution to the understanding of EHS (HSSEQ) principles and practice


  • Integrate and share expert knowledge from industry, government & academia on Best Practice


  • Provide enhanced solutions for risk management and cost optimisation


  • Provide a comprehensive Reader for academic staff and students entering the Oil & Gas Industry



  • Recruitment issues related to the ‘Big Crew Change’ and bridging the HR gap in the industry


  • Lack of focused support on the education & training supply chain


  • Reducing levels of retained experience and technical competence across the industry


  • Regulatory complexity, rising Capex and Opex, ageing infrastructure and revenue uncertainties


  • Predominance of a traditionally engineering-oriented decision-making structure



Provision of a comprehensive trans-disciplinary e-reference source to articulate the underlying principles essential in strategic and day-to-day EHS (HSSEQ) operational practice.



ICOE Research Limited has conducted a comprehensive review and research on EHS publication project. It addresses present and future EHS best practice in international offshore oil and gas operations, co-extending from the North Sea and North East Atlantic across the world’s offshore petroleum regions. Our contributors not only explore current EHS practices, influences and trends, but also identify where change is needed and discuss how it may be implemented.


  • The results have been recently published in a comprehensive reference source as an eCompendium.

  • The eCompendium will be updated periodically by ICOE to keep it current, serving as a stimulus for discussion between sponsors, industry stakeholders, academics and regulators.


  • The publication shall meet a recognised need and be invaluable to industry, government, regulators and academia, i.e. all those concerned with understanding and meeting the complex demands of ageing and new installations in the North Sea and North East Atlantic and elsewhere.


  • Significantly, the publication will also inform the actions and developments required to promote the longevity of existing installations in the North Sea and/or to safely and effectively decommission them.