Encompassing the Future: Launch and Forum     

The much-anticipated launch of ICOE’s electronic resource to support the oil and gas industry meet the current challenges of producing and operating efficiently and safely took place on 3 August 2017 in the King’s College Conference Centre at the University of Aberdeen.

The interdisciplinary knowledge base, engineering, legal, economic and environmental, built up in the North Sea over the past 40 years has been assessed and distilled to create a global resource for today and tomorrow’s industry leaders.

Entitled Encompassing the Future: Offshore Oil & Gas Operations, Environment Safety and Performance Management, this digital platform brings together authoritative and researched material on the successful development of the North Sea offshore. Covering best practice in several disciplines, this resource will enable practitioners to produce and operate safely and without harm to the environment in a cost effective manner. It will provide valuable information to those entering the industry for the first time and to those assuming new and perhaps managerial responsibilities in the industry.

To celebrate the completion of this comprehensive volume of work, senior industry figures were invited to the official launch by Paul Wheelhouse, Scottish Government Minister for Energy.

The launch was immediately followed by a forum at which the purpose and breadth of the eCompendium was discussed and its applications as a teaching tool within the industry, in academia, at home and overseas explored. The plenary session was followed after lunch by 10 round tables, one on each section, to enable questions taken on each topic, gaps and issues identified, and ideas for the platform’s further development and application presented.

This resource is designed to be dynamic and input from all is required to ensure its continuing value to both those already in the industry and to those pursuing a career in the oil and gas sector.