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Data protection


ICOE finds that the protection of your personal data is of high importance. Any data provided by you to ICOE through this Website will be protected and not disclosed to third parties.


Any personal data made available to ICOE during the use of this website will be treated in accordance with current UK legislation regarding the protection of personal data and the disclosure of information of public interest.


In case you provide any of your personal data, you agree to it being registered for the duration relevant to your query or the transaction at hand.



Recording of data


It is not required to provide your personal data while using the ICOE website. Some services (such as sending an enquiry) may, however, be used only if personal data (e.g. name, address) are given.



Use and transmission of data


In case ICOE intends to use the data provided by you for purposes other than the original purpose, then ICOE shall notify you in order to obtain prior consent, and afford an opportunity to cancel such consent at any time.

ICOE will not share any personal data to any third person, unless it is required by legislative provisions, without the prior consent of the data subject thereto.


ICOE shall be entitled to use data and information provided by you for purposes including but not limited to purposes listed below:


  • Market research and analysis,

  • General visitor statistics

  • Provision of information about new products, services and actions

  • Management of complaints,





Upon your written request ICOE shall inform you on the management of your personal data.

ICOE will not be liable for the security and protection of your data or the accuracy of the information provided at other websites accessed through the ICOE website. In case you use such websites, we recommend that you refer to the data protection policy of the organisation publishing these websites.